State-of-the-Art Equipment

With the demand for shipping solutions sky rocketing, companies are looking for consistent high-quality packaging with reliable delivery dates.

Our modern, 457,000 square ft. state-of-art facility will feature the latest industry leading technology and the most sophisticated equipment to meet this increasing demand. With our large capacity, businesses from small to very large can be confident that we can meet their growing requirements. Investments in cutting-edge capabilities give customers a valuable technological advantage including:

• Best in Class Paper-Sourcing
• Best in Class Corrugating, Using Pressure Belt Flute Formation Yielding Superior ECT and BCT
• Unique Flute Profiles to Best Meet Market Segment Needs


“Producing corrugated board at top speeds, our State-of-the-Art corrugator allows us to maximize our efficiency of producing boxes for our customers while maintaining outstanding quality and long-term reliability”.

Rotary Die-Cutters

“Converting the corrugated board at top speeds, utilizing our Rotary Die-Cutters (RDC’s) technology to its fullest, and delivering the highest quality allows us to maximize our converted throughput while delivering an on-time quality product to our customers in a competitive marketplace”.

Flexo Folder Gluers

“To continue filling our customers’ demands, our Flexo Folder Gluers (FFG’s) are designed for high productivity. Allowing us to convert the corrugated board in a seamless, efficient, & quality fashion. Enabling us to continue to provide our customers with a cost efficient solution to meet their corrugated packaging needs”.



1601 POW-MIA Parkway Dover Delaware 19904